How To Avoid Swine Flu - 8 Smart Tips Teach You The Proper Way

First things first.  The simple fact of the matter is Swine flu is nothing to sneeze it.  However, according to health experts, the public should be vigilant and not panic.

You’re probably thinking that’s easier said than done.  Right?  

But just keep reading and learn how to avoid this infection and keep you and your family safe.  

The bottom line is the swine flu outbreak was initially thought to only be transmitted from pigs to humans.  Now, studies show that it is being spread through human contact and is quickly becoming one of the most deadly flu viruses of our time.

The CDC (Center For Disease Control) and The World Health Organization have been working tirelessly to keep us informed and updated on confirmed cases and deaths linked to the virus.

Here are the details on swine flu symptoms:

1.    Runny nose
2.    Achy muscles
3.    Lethargy
4.    Lack of appetite
5.    Sudden onset of fever over 101

As you can clearly see, it is difficult to tell the difference between other types of flu symptoms, so this particular strain of the virus requires a diagnosis from your health practitioner.

But, don’t worry, there are a few very effective ways to ward off infection and stop the spread of swine flu.

Listen very carefully now:

#1 – Don’t risk it.  If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, simply stay at home.  Since these symptoms mirror regular cold and flu symptoms, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

#2 – Learn how to cough and sneeze.  Here’s the deal – cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow on your arm.  This is the best way to keep from spreading germs to your hands and to everything you touch.

#3 – Wash hands frequently and thoroughly.  Whatever you touch could be affected, so a good rule of thumb is to keep your hands clean to cut down on your chances of becoming infected.

#4 – A little hand sanitizer goes a long, long way.  Simply have a tube of hand sanitizer with you at all time.  This way you can constantly cleanse your hands.

#5 – Beware of public places.  Door handles and even ink pens are breeding grounds for germs.  Avoid touching them at all costs.

# 6 – Be cautious on airplanes.  The close quarters of an airplane is a place where germs like the swine flu virus lurk so protect yourself.

#7 – Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.  Buy your fruits and vegetables locally if you can.  Wash them with water and soak them to increase the effectiveness.

#8 – Go to doctor.  If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms see your doctor immediately.  As stated earlier, only your health practitioner can diagnose your particular strain of the flu.

Take note of what you’ve learned here about the swine flu.  Hang in there and protect yourself as best as possible.  Just by following the simple guidelines here, you’ll lessen your chances of becoming sick.  Got it?